Neve Brings the Legendary 1073 Preamp to the Modern Studio

Neve has just unveiled the 1073SPX-D, the world's first audio interface built around the iconic components that helped define the sound of countless classic recordings.

The 1073 Legacy

The original Neve 1073 module contained a Class-A microphone preamplifier and a 3-band EQ section designed by the brilliant minds at Neve in the 1970s. With its warm, musical character and ability to add weight and three-dimensional depth to sounds, the 1073 quickly became a prized tool at elite recording studios worldwide.While Neve has offered modern re-issues of the 1073 in the form of the 1073SPX and 1073DPA outboard preamps, the new 1073SPX-D takes this revered circuitry and integrates it into a sleek, desktop audio interface optimized for the DAW workflow.

About original Neve 1073

The Neve 1073 is one of the most legendary and revered pieces of audio equipment in recording history. Designed in 1970 by Rupert Neve and his team, the 1073 preamp and EQ module was originally created for the Wessex A88 console installed at Wessex Studios in London. It quickly became a cornerstone of the famous "British Sound" that emerged from studios like Wessex, Olympic, Trident and others in the 1970s. The 1073's unique circuit topology, use of Class A amplification, and custom Marinair input and output transformers imbued it with a sonic character that was simultaneously punchy and bright yet smooth and three-dimensional. As word spread of the 1073's magic, it was incorporated into Neve's other console designs like the 8014, 8028 and 8068 which made their way into studios worldwide.
From a technical standpoint, the 1073 employs discrete transistor amplifier stages with no integrated circuits. The preamp section has two gain stages into a transformer output, providing over 80dB of gain. The inductor-based EQ section offers selectable frequencies on the midrange band along with fixed high and low shelving bands. This simple yet innovative design gave engineers powerful tonal sculpting capabilities. The use of transformers on the input and output helped preserve clarity while adding pleasant harmonic distortion when driven hard. The 1073's combination of headroom, coloration, and EQ curves made it excel on instruments like drums, guitars, and vocals, quickly becoming a studio standard.



Vintage Vibe, Modern Workflow

So what can users expect from this groundbreaking new interface? For starters, each of the two front panel microphone preamps contains genuine, discrete 1073 components - the same transformers, inductors, and ICs as the original 1970s modules. The 3-band EQ section is also directly derived from the classic 1073 design.Beyond the vintage-inspired front end, the 1073SPX-D is a thoroughly modern interface with comprehensive digital connectivity and deep DAW integration still to be detailed. While pricing has not been officially announced, it's expected to be a premium product aimed at the high-end project and commercial studio markets.


The Best of Both Worlds?

For engineers and artists who want to infuse their mixes with the same magic that made records like Steely Dan's Aja or Fleetwood Mac's Rumours so timeless, the 1073SPX-D could be a game-changer. By combining the warmth and character of the original 1073 hardware with the convenience of a DAW-controlled interface, Neve may have just delivered the best of both analog and digital worlds.Of course, only time and real-world user experiences will determine if the 1073SPX-D lives up to its lofty pedigree. But for Neve fanatics and anyone obsessed with capturing the most musical, three-dimensional recordings possible, this innovative new interface is sure to be an object of intense interest and desire.

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