Ableton Push 2 and Live 9.5 announced

Ableton introduced today Push 2 which features new color display, sampling and chopping interface integrated with new version of Simpler. &nbsp; <div style="clear: both; text-align: center;"> [embed height="315" width="560"][/embed] </div> &nbsp; <div style="clear: both; text-align: center;"> [embed height="315" width="560"][/embed] </div> &nbsp; <h2>Ableton Push 2</h2> <strong>Ableton Push 2</strong> is no longer manufactured by Akai. The biggest improvement in the new device is colorful display which is larger comparing to original version and works with samples and waveforms. Using Push for sampling and chopping samples is the huge step forward. Particularly for sample-based music genres. It makes Push a serious competitor to the NI Maschine and Akai MPC series. Another big addition is that now you can control third-party VSTs with Push. After Akai (Akai Advance) and Native-Instruments (NKS) Ableton releases their own technology of controlling any VST from their hardware. &nbsp; <a href=""><img loading="lazy" class="alignnone size-large wp-image-1194" src="" alt="photo-push" width="1024" height="684" /></a> &nbsp; [embed][/embed] &nbsp; <h2>Ableton Live 9.5 &#8211; what&#8217;s new?</h2> <ul> <li>New Simpler device &#8211; with updated user interface and chopping capabilities</li> <li>Analog modeled filters that you can find across the synths and effects devices in Live. New filters brought to Live by Cytomic &#8211; developer of Glue</li> <li>New sounds, samples and drums</li> <li>New Max essentials with new devices</li> <li>Link technology for tempo sync between instances of Live and iOS apps (KORG, Akai and others)</li> </ul> <a href=""><img loading="lazy" class="alignnone wp-image-1187 size-large" src="" alt="Ableton Live 9.5 whats new" width="1024" height="640" /></a><a href=""><img loading="lazy" class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-1189" src="" alt="Live 9.5 new meters" width="223" height="300" /></a> <a href=""><img loading="lazy" class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-1190" src="" alt="tlxLlKY" width="300" height="168" /></a> <a href=""><img loading="lazy" class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-1191" src="" alt="1GyQH5e" width="300" height="82" /></a> <a href=""><img loading="lazy" class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-1192" src="" alt="gVQ8j1z" width="300" height="85" /></a> &nbsp; Check more details: <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a> And what about Push 1 owners? With the release of Live 9.5 Ableton provided update for Push 1 users: <h3>New features available for Push 1</h3> <ul> <li>It is now possible to load VST and AU plugins. Hotswapping plugins with Push enables browsing the plugin&#8217;s presets (AU only).</li> <li>Samples can be browsed from Push (will be instantiated in the new Simpler).</li> <li>It is possible to preview sounds from the Push browser.</li> </ul> <strong>Full changelog for Live 9.5:</strong> <ul> <li>Improvements and feature changes:</li> <li>Improved Waveforms: these now look smooth during zoom operations as well as during recording.</li> <li>Improved meters: the track volume meters now show both peak and RMS levels.</li> <li>Improved colouring: tracks are now automatically coloured, and new Clips take their track’s color.</li> <li>The ‘Auto assign Clip Color’ preference is replaced by ‘Auto assign Track Color’, which determines if a newly created track gets a color from the song&#8217;s color sequence assigned or a fixed color chosen by the user.</li> <li>Simpler has been completely overhauled with a new interface, Warping, slicing, and new analog modelled filters build in conjunction with Cytomic.</li> <li>New analog-modeled filters based on classic vintage hardware models capable of self resonating, feedback and distortion are added to Simpler/Sampler, Auto Filter and Operator.</li> <li>The Core Library has been updated with new Drum Kits and new presets for Simpler, Operator, Analog, Auto Filter and Audio Effect Racks.</li> <li>Audio Effect Racks now load with devices hidden.</li> <li>Sets created with 9.5 will not be openable in pre-9.5 versions of Live. When trying to Save a set created with a previous version in 9.5, a dialog will appear and it will only be possible to Save under a different name.</li> <li>Added the option &#8220;Preserve Warped Timing&#8221; in the Slice to new MIDI track dialog.</li> <li>A breakout view is added for Simpler. The breakout view can only be displayed when Simpler has a valid sample</li> <li>The Warped waveform is displayed accordingly in Simpler.</li> <li>Added a button in the Simpler breakout which warps the region between the sample&#8217;s start and end markers as a certain number of bars.</li> <li>Added 1/2 and x2 warped length buttons in Simpler.</li> <li>Added One Shot mode in Simpler.</li> <li>Slicing mode has been added to Simpler. When active, all transients between start and end flags will be used for generating the slices</li> <li>It is now possible to normalize a sample via a context menu option by right clicking on Simpler&#8217;s waveform.</li> <li>Added the possibility to slicing to a Drum Rack from Simpler.</li> <li>A sample volume control (Gain) is now added to Simpler.</li> <li>When loading a Simpler, Auto Filter or Operator preset created with a previous Live version, the devices will work in legacy mode, in order to preserve the original sound. An “Upgrade button” will activate the new filters. The filters will be automatically upgraded if these were not active in the preset.</li> <li>Drum pads inherit Warp on/off when slicing a Simpler to Drum Rack.</li> <li>If Simpler in Slicing mode is set to one voice only of if its playback mode is set to “mono”, choke is activated once converted to a Drum Rack.</li> <li>Added Trigger or Gate mode for Samples in One Shot/Slice Modes</li> <li>It is now possible to reverse a sample in Simpler via a context menu option.</li> <li>Creating a multi selection for a number of chains in a Drum Rack enables setting the choke group for all chains at once.</li> <li>When instantiating a plug-in, up to 64 parameters get configured automatically now.</li> <li>A parameter configuration can now be saved as a default per AU or VST plug-in. This is done via a new context menu entry available in Live&#8217;s plug-in device. The default configurations are stored in a &#8220;Plug-In Configurations&#8221; folder under &#8220;User Library/Defaults&#8221;.</li> <li>Improved performance when drawing waveforms for large sets with many clips.</li> <li>Introduced a limitation to how many time a sample can be sped up or slowed down via &#8220;:2&#8221; or &#8220;x2&#8221; respectively, in order to save CPU power.</li> <li>Improved the automation smoothing for the new filters in Simpler, Operator and Auto Filter.</li> <li>Removed the limitation to the amount of transposition affecting samples when using Complex or Complex Pro.</li> <li>The error dialog Live throws when users try to save a Default Device / Track while no User Library is available has been improved.</li> <li>Bugfixes:</li> <li>It is not possible to inadvertently save a Live Set to the Trash anymore.</li> <li>The &#8216;Warp as x bars&#8217; feature is improved so to provide more musical and predictable values.</li> <li>Light blue color tones have changed to avoid being confused with the selection color when using the default Live skin.</li> <li>Artifacts might be introduced when transposing samples warped with Complex / Pro.</li> <li>Specific plug-ins would have triggered Live to configure non-functional parameters after a preset change.</li> <li>Changes for Push:</li> <li>Introduced support for Push 2.</li> <li>It is now possible to preview sounds from the browser with Push 1 as well. Auto preview can be toggled on/off.</li> <li>It is now possible to load Samples from Push. These will be instantiated in Simpler.</li> <li>Browsing of VST and AU plugins is now available for Push 1 as well.</li> <li>It is now possible to duplicate Drum Rack pads from Push 1 as well.</li> <li>Clip length can be adjusted with a resolution down to 1/16th holding the Shift button.</li> <li>Scales settings are now stored in Live sets.</li> <li>When recording with Fixed Length: Off, pressing fixed length will now stop recording and loop the last bars of the recording according to the fixed length setting.</li> <li>Fixed a bug which would cause the Clip selector in the step sequencer to be displayed after deleting a Clip.</li> </ul>

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