Steinberg Cubase 11 is coming

Steinberg is introducing a new version of their Cubase 11 DAW on November 12th

Here’s what we know about a new release:

Scale assistant, custom musical scales, scales in key editor and other improvements

Sampler Track v2: new revision of Sampler: LFOs for parameters modulation, sample slicing + other enhancements)

New Squasher plugin – multiband effect with a combination of an upward and downward compressor, saturator and gate per band.

Supervision metering plugin – professional tool suite for monitoring and analyzing audio

Frequency 2 – updated Frequency plugin with Dynamic EQ mode

Multiband Imager plugin

Score improvements

Sidechain with multiple Inputs support (multiple sources into one plugin)

Revised ARA2 support (bounce is no longer involved when commiting an audio event to the selected ARA extension) + improved ARA workflow

Modernized Graphic Support for MacOS (application now uses a modernized graphic back end utilizing latest technologies available on MacOS).

Win 10 Graphics improvements – variable DPI support

Cubase 11 will have a completely new MIDI remote and API system which allows third-party developers to write scripts for their Hardware. With a nice graphical representation of a MIDI device:

A new Maximizer module in Channel Strip with Modern mode:

Dedicated new default Mixdown Folder in the project root directory

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