Output releases Arcade 2

After a large investment round last year Output (developers of plugins - Thermal, Portal and sample based instruments - Signal, Exhale, REV) has released a new version of their subscription based instrument/loop player Arcade. 

As one of the most popular products in Output's ever-growing product line, it was born from numerous requests for such functionality - now, creators can finally experience what they've been missing.

Arcade 2.0 can become a vital component of your music production arsenal in order to create melodies, basslines and chords in the form of playable virtual instruments. Output’s sample library consists of arcade classics, 80's classics and bonus content for players to enjoy. There are 412 presets in total spread across eight different categories: Arps & Chords, Bass, Drums, FX , Lead, Plucked, Synths and Wobble.

New version features playable instruments and ability to import your samples (AI based algorythm used to chop your samples)*

* - you have to use AI in the description of all your new products if you get investment round, even if there's no AI there

Additional key Arcade 2.0 features include:

New Note Kits featuring multi-sampled, multi-layered sound Sources with velocity layers and round robins
Totally re-designed Sampler Kit Keyboard with better visual feedback
Newly designed Tweak Page for easier navigation
AI-powered Kit Generator for user samples
3 Layers of sound Sources for mixing in Note Kits
New Playable Pitch keyboard in Sampler Kits
Easy tab navigation between Sampler and Note Kits throughout the browser
Search, sort, preview, and download every Kit in a Line right from the Lines page
Ability to remove a downloaded Line

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