The MPC2000XL is coming to iOS/iPad

The emulation of MPC2000XL, a device designed to revolutionize music production, is now in development for iOS users.

Released in 1997, the MPC2000XL, made by Akai Professional, is a classic music production hardware device that has been used by music producers around the world for decades. The MPC2000XL was one of the first hardware devices to make music production easier and more accessible to users.

It was an innovative device at the time, allowing users to easily sample, sequence, and mix music without having to learn complex coding. The device was also known for its ability to store a large amount of data and its intuitive user interface. The device was so popular that it was used by some of the most influential music producers of the past few decades, including Dr. Dre, Kanye West, and J Dilla.

The device was also popular in the hip-hop industry, with many of the most successful hip-hop songs of the past two decades being produced with the MPC2000XL.

Now, the emulation called VMPC2000XL is coming soon to iOS. This app of the device will allow users to use the same features of the original MPC2000XL, but with the added convenience of being able to use the device on their iOS device. The new version of the MPC2000XL will also feature a number of improvements over the original device. These improvements include a redesigned interface and a new way to sample and sequence music. The app will also have improved sound quality and more features to allow users to create more complex music.

It is available as a standalone application, as well as a VST3/AU/LV2 plugin for Desktop and AUv3 for iOS/iPad/Mac in upcoming release. You can load and save most MPC2000XL file formats, such as APS, ALL, PGM, SND, MID, WAV. It  also has raw USB volume (CF card) support with Akai FAT 16.3 filenames for easy exchange between the original and the emulator. Plus, you can do multi-track direct-to-disk recording (also known as “bouncing”) to WAV.

Please note that VMPC2000XL does not

  • mimic the signal path, analog inputs/outputs so it doesn't make your samples sound "warm" or "dirty".
  • make it easy to create beats, manage sounds, etc. In fact, these things are all quite clumsy, but very much like the real 2000XL.
  • 100% mimic the digital per-voice filter. It contains an approximation which I tweaked by ear, so it's likely a setting on the 2000XL doesn't sound the same in the emulator.
  • emulate the optional EB16 FX board.
    More information on developers website -



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